Airdrie Town Centre

Airdrie is a former industrial town in North Lanarkshire which lies 12 miles east of Glasgow.

Airdrie is first referred to by name in 1605 but it was not until the end of the 17th century that the foundation of its future prosperity was laid when in 1695 an Act of Parliament made Airdrie a market town with a weekly market and four Fairs each year. Mr Robert Hamilton was credited with being the real founder of the modern Airdrie. He was the owner of most of the land around Airdrie and was the “Laird” of Airdrie House. He led Airdrie’s transition from being a “Ferm Toon” to the more prestigious country village. After obtaining the Act in 1695 he continued to foster and encourage the development of his native place until he died in 1705 at the age of 55.

Airdrie’s industrial heyday was the 19th century when the major industries were coal mining and cotton milling. Modern-day Airdrie is very much a commuter town but it contains a variety of historical and modern attractions.

Airdrie is home to one of the four public observatories operating in the UK. The Airdrie Observatory is of significant historical and scientific interest and makes for a fun day out for both adults and children alike.

Airdrie is a popular spot for angling at Hillend Loch and Black Loch, while the Monkland Canal runs to the south of the town. Popular recreational spaces are the Centenary and West End Parks which contain the Airdrie Cenotaph and the Centenary Railway Viaduct, which dates from 1866.

The woodlands of Rawyards provide opportunities for wildlife watching and picnicking as well as panoramic views over Airdrie. Rawyards also contains the Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland’s Skytower sculpture. Wester Moffat woodland also sits on the edge of town and offers links to the North Calder Heritage Trail.

Airdrie has a variety of locally-run eateries in its town centre. Graham Street, the main pedestrianised street, offers a selection of shops. Local bus services connect Airdrie to nearby towns and villages as well as Glasgow. The town also has regular train services to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Livingston and is easily accessible by road. Airdrie sits on the UK National Cycle Network Route 75 which runs from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

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