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IN Airdrie is the new digital platform designed to promote what’s going on in Airdrie town centre. As well as our Facebook page you can also find out what’s going on over on Twitter at IN_Airdrie We’ll be launching a dedicated Airdrie website very soon, where you will find all the latest offers, events and news from your local town centre, so keep an eye out for that.

Clubbercise Airdrie With Charlene is a workout with all the benefits of a night out and zero downsides. There is dance, 90s music, disco lights, glow sticks and easy-to-follow routines for every fitness level.

Head to their page

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Whether you own a small business or want to produce some content, or in need of a space for a shooting

Photomedia Studio is the answer. It's available for hire 7 days a week.

Contact @culture_nl to book:

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A good guide by The Committee of Scottish Bankers (CSBC) for retailers and customers on how to identify counterfeit notes.

If you notice any suspicious activity, please report it to the police

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If only could we change places with this holidaymaker
The good news is... that could be you in a few weeks! Pop in to @HaysTravel Airdrie from tomorrow until Monday for their @jet2tweets Exclusive Sale Weekend! Lots of discounts with Jet2 holidays await ⛱🏝

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For information (particularly for businesses and EU nationals) regarding preparations to leave the European Union, please take a look at:

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Black Rooster Peri Peri in Chapelhall soon - tell everyone!! 🤤😍

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